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Planning a party with Atelier Choux!

Atelier Choux’s whimsical yet sophisticated prints give a variety of events a special flair. When we founded the brand in 2016, focused on nursery products and baby accessories, we could never have imagined the interest from our community in Atelier Choux and French themed parties for kids. Our artwork is copyrightedAtelier Choux and the artworks […]

Celebrating baby’s first Christmas!

Whether you are new or seasoned parents, the first Christmas of a newborn always feels extra special. Here are some tips and ideas to spend a wonderful Christmas holiday with your baby! Keep things simple It’s the first Christmas you spend with your baby, of course you want it to be perfect in every way. […]

Ways to cultivate your kids’ creativity

As a baby brand, we aspire not only to offer beautiful products to parents and babies, but also to foster creativity and be the baby’s early association with arts. In our designs, we want to inspire children with different colors, shapes, abstract, and even Trompe-l’œil. We believe it can cultivate children’s aesthetics at an early […]

Creative, fun things to do with kids while staying at home

We all have friends (or yourselves) who have been stuck at home with their young children since the pandemic strikes. The Covid-19 situation has been improving in some countries, yet going out with young kids can still be stressful and off-putting. If you wish to stay risk-free and need some ideas on fun activities to […]

The Atelier Choux activities book – Volume II

Following the success of our previous activities book (see here), we have put together more activities and games using our art prints. In this second volume, you will find coloring pages, mazes for all ages and more “connect the dots” activities. You will also need to take a good look at some of our prints […]

The Atelier Choux activities book

Isolation at-home with little ones means more quality time, but requires us to do a balancing act. With this 15-page activity book, your kids will be able to color the elegant Atelier Choux animals and friendly creatures with their own signature touch. Coloring activities will develop the hand-eye coordination and improve your kid’s motor skills. […]

The Importance of Early Sensorial Development – Vision

Atelier Choux prints sure look cute and whimsical, but there is actually more to the prints than just the delightful visual appearances. You might want to buy our products just because you love the aesthetics (we love them too!), but in addition to that, there is actually a more rational reason to have these prints […]