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DIY : How to frame a carré

Today, we're transforming a beautiful Atelier Choux carré into a stunning piece of wall art, [...]

Planning a party with Atelier Choux!

Atelier Choux’s whimsical yet sophisticated prints give a variety of events a special flair. When [...]

Swaddling Q&A

There is no doubt that parents need to prepare A LOT before the arrival of [...]

Baby & kids photography ideas

A lot of parents like to get a photoshoot for their children, to capture their [...]

Celebrating baby’s first Christmas!

Whether you are new or seasoned parents, the first Christmas of a newborn always feels [...]

Ways to cultivate your kids’ creativity

As a baby brand, we aspire not only to offer beautiful products to parents and [...]

Creative, fun things to do with kids while staying at home

We all have friends (or yourselves) who have been stuck at home with their young [...]

The Atelier Choux activities book – Volume II

Following the success of our previous activities book (see here), we have put together more [...]

The Atelier Choux activities book

Isolation at-home with little ones means more quality time, but requires us to do a [...]

Fun with luxury gold foil tattoos

Temporary tattoos make a perfect party activity for both children and parents. It is one [...]

Easter Eggs Atelier Choux Style

A fun and easy DIY project, perfect for at-home play and Easter! Temporary tattoos slide [...]

The Importance of Early Sensorial Development – Vision

Atelier Choux prints sure look cute and whimsical, but there is actually more to the [...]

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