Swaddling Q&A

There is no doubt that parents need to prepare A LOT before the arrival of their newborn baby. For the first-timers, you may have heard of many different kinds of baby products and wonder what items are must-haves. Is a swaddle blanket necessary? What does swaddling do to babies? And how to use it? The guide below may give you some brief ideas about swaddling. 

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping the baby in a piece of cloth/blanket to make them feel calm and to help them fall asleep. By swaddling your baby, they will feel as if they were in your womb, and it makes them feel secure. Some parents find it helpful to swaddle their babies as it reduces excessive crying, and sometimes babies also sleep longer.

Swaddle blankets with different shapes and materials

There is no rule of whether one particular shape/material of the swaddle blanket is best for the baby. For example, our swaddle blankets are designed in square form, as carré, and made with 100% organic cotton, for more flexible use. We also opt for the highest quality of organic cotton to pamper the baby’s sensitive skin. With the whole production of our carré in France, our processes conform to the highest European standards. A swaddle blanket can also come in a rectangle shape or with hoods, catering to different needs.

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Is swaddling necessary?

To swaddle or not is entirely up to the parents. If you decide to give it a go, many may suggest doing it from birth to the baby so he/she will gradually get used to it. If you choose to introduce a swaddle to the baby in the second/third month, they may not like the blanket as much since they are not familiar with it. Also, always wash the blanket before its first contact with the baby, and pick the fabrics and materials carefully to avoid possible irritation.

Simple swaddling steps

  1. First, find a flat surface and lay the swaddle blanket out. Fold the top corner down and form a triangle-like or diamond shape.
  2. Put your baby face-up in the center of the blanket, with the head above the folded edge.
  3. Take the left side of the blanket and wrap it over the baby’s body. Tuck the blanket between baby’s right arm and body, leaving the right arm free.
  4. Fold the bottom of the blanket up and tuck it into the first fold, under baby’s chin. 
  5. Take the right side of the blanket and wrap it over to the left, tuck it underneath baby’s body.

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