Functional everyday carré – how to use it!

Atelier Choux’s signature, multipurpose carrés are elegant and functional daily essentials. They are also an easy gender-neutral gift for any newborn. Not only will they make unique, beautiful gifts but they will also go to use immediately.

If you are still not sure why the carré would be a perfect gift, take a look at the list below.

Kids are known to be messy eaters. This is why it is a good idea to always have a cloth to wipe the baby’s face. Drooling is also not a rare phenomenon with babies.

Tummy time seems like it’s all fun and games but it is actually crucial for babies’ visual and motor development. During tummy time, your baby’s neck muscles are working and it prevents thick neck muscles or neck muscle imbalance.

Swaddling keeps your baby warm, cozy and safe after they leave the secure space of the womb. The babies also sleep better when they are swaddled as it keeps their arms and legs from flailing and therefore cannot accidentally wake them up.

Mothers usually prefer that their clothes stay clean, even though you have a newborn at your hands. Burp cloth is just one of those essentials that goes with the mother where ever they go. Can be also used to cover the baby while breastfeeding.

For newborns it can be sometimes difficult to regulate their own temperature, even in a warm environment. For additional warmth, in case the baby needs it, it is always good to have light blanket close by.

Diapers need to be changed every 2-3 hours or as ofter as needed. It is not always at home or in a nursery, so you need to be prepared to change the diapers anywhere. With a functional carré, you can set up a changing table on any surface.

Until babies are 6 months old, they should be kept away from direct sunlight. Baby’s skin is more vulnerable and sensitive, so keeping the baby in the shade prevents any sunburns. On a sunny day, it is preferred to use sunblock as well.

Atelier Choux carrés are an elegant daily essential with the beautiful, unique prints. Some customers have been spotted wearing the carré as a scarf around their neck – and we say “Why not!”

Just a few of the many whimsical prints – which one is your favorite?

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