These general Terms and Conditions of sale and use (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) apply between ATELIER CHOUX, a simplified joint stock company with capital of €10,000, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under no. 818 303 026, having its registered office at 88 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris and the following intra-Community VAT number : FR13818303026 (hereinafter referred to as “ATELIER CHOUX“) and any consumer placing an order on the  website (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”).


Order(s) :

Refers to any order for Product(s) placed on the Website.

Customer account :

Refers to the account created by the Customer by providing personal information prior to placing an Order on the Website.

Contract :

Refers to the contract concluded between ATELIER CHOUX and the Customer, and to which the present GTC are applicable.

Personal Data :

Refers to any information that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person, as defined by French or European regulations applicable to the protection of personal data.

Party (Parties) :

Refers to ATELIER CHOUX and/or the Customer.

Product(s) :

Refers to all products available for sale on the Website.

Website :

Designates the website available at the following address:

User(s) :

Refers to any user of the Website, whether a Customer or not.



The Products offered for sale on the Website are exclusively intended for Customers who:

  • Purchase Products for their own use, excluding any resale or use for professional purposes. This excludes traders, importers, retail resellers or wholesalers, who must engage in a specific resale contract.
  • Are over 18 years of age and able to contract.

Consequently, ATELIER CHOUX reserves the right to request any additional information from the Customer in order to verify his/her status as a consumer and his/her age. Thus, at the time of the Order, the Customer declares and guarantees (i) to be at least 18 years of age and (ii) to order the Products exclusively for his/her personal use. The Customer undertakes not to market, resell or distribute the Products in any way whatsoever to any person for purposes other than private and in particular, for commercial purposes.

By ticking the box “I accept the general terms and conditions of sale” before confirming the Order, the Customer acknowledges that he/she has read and understood these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in full and accepts them unreservedly.

ATELIER CHOUX reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time. In such a case, the Customer will be informed of the new version of the GTC at the time of his next Order placed on the Website, and may consult them at any time from the Website. The Customer is hereby informed that any Order placed on the Website after the entry into force of the new version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall imply full acceptance thereof.

In any event, the Customer’s refusal of the new GTC must be express and unequivocal. If this is the case, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the new GTC. If the Customer refuses to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in the present GTC, he/she is invited not to place an Order.


ATELIER CHOUX offers, for sale, on its Website, various types of Products such as Products intended for newborns and children, and decorative Products.

In accordance with Articles L. 111-1 and L.221-5 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer may, prior to placing an Order, take note on the Website of the essential characteristics of the Products sold and which he/she wishes to purchase.

The photographs and descriptions of the Products are provided for information purposes only and are not binding on ATELIER CHOUX. The Products are intended to be used with the help of and under the supervision of an adult. 

ATELIER CHOUX also offers gift cards for sale, usable for 12 months from the date of purchase on the Website or directly in the boutique located at 3 rue Hautefeuille -75006 Paris. Such gift cards may be used in one or more installments up to the amount of the card, it being specified that payment for the Products may be supplemented by another means of payment but may not give rise to the return of any change.

In addition, gift cards:

  • cannot be used to purchase another gift card;
  • cannot be exchanged or reimbursed, even partially, even in the event of loss, theft, damage or expiry.

In addition, ATELIER CHOUX may offer gift boxes free of charge in Orders at its own discretion, which may not give rise to any claim.


4.1 Placing an order

To purchase Products on the Website, the User must follow the steps below:

The Customer selects, enters and validates the identification and quantity of the items he/she wishes to order on the Website. These items will be added to the “Shopping Cart” as they are added.

The Customer then checks his “Shopping Cart” by clicking on the relevant logo and may, if he/she wishes, (i) delete an item initially selected, (ii) modify the quantities or (iii) add an additional item. Within the “Shopping Cart”, the price of the items, as defined in Article 6 is automatically displayed.

Once the Customer has completed his selection and wishes to validate his Order, he must then identify himself or herself:

  • If the Customers has a Customer Account: by entering the corresponding email address (login) and password;
  • If the Customer does not have a Customer Account: by entering their name, the delivery address to which the Order will be sent, the address to which the Order will be invoiced if different from the delivery address, and their telephone number;

Once these elements have been filled in, the Customer must click on “Continue to shipping” and then validate:

  • The email address entered ;
  • The delivery address of the Order. The Customer is hereby informed that the delivery address cannot correspond to a P.O. Box;
  • Desired shipping method (express or priority mail) ;
  • The phone number entered;
  • The chosen payment method.

If the Customer has a code that could give him/her an advantage or promotion on the Products, this code must be entered when the Order is placed. This code can only be used once during its period of validity. It is personal and non-transferable.

Once all the information has been validated, the prices of the items and any shipping costs are automatically displayed.

4.2 Order payment

Payment is made by CB, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, AliPay, Google Pay or Apple Pay bank cards by providing the information requested on the relevant page of the Website. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date information, and guarantees ATELIER CHOUX that he/she is fully authorized to use the bank card to pay for his/her Order.

After providing payment information, the customer clicks on “I have read and accepted the general Terms and Conditions of sale and the privacy policy” and then on “ORDER”.

By clicking on “ORDER”, the Customer declares that he/she has read and accepted the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Validation also implies acceptance of the prices, volumes, characteristics, quantities and delivery times of the Products covered by the Order.

Before validating payment, the Customer undertakes to check that the information provided corresponds to the Order he/she wishes to place (the Product(s) chosen, their unit price, the payment option chosen, the address, phone number, email address and delivery method chosen).

Each promotional code can only be used once during its validity period. It is personal and non-transferable.

In the event of payment by credit card, the debit authorization issued by the Customer’s bank is displayed. The Customer is advised to save and/or print this debit authorization on paper.

The Customer is hereby informed that ATELIER CHOUX may refuse or cancel any Order when :

  • the banking information provided by the Customer is erroneous or usurped,
  • there is a dispute with the Customer over payment of a previous Order, even if the Customer uses a new Customer Account ,
  • the Order value or quantity is abnormally high,
  • previous, ongoing or recurring unjustified delivery problems,
  • verbal violence on the part of the Customer has been observed by ATELIER CHOUX, for example in email correspondences, via social media websites (e.g. Direct Messages), at ATELIER CHOUX’s discretion and/or
  • the Order has been placed via a Customer Account created by a Customer who already holds another Customer Account for the sole purpose of obtaining a benefit or promotional code already used via the previously created Customer Account.
  • In the case of unauthorized use of discount codes and advantages

Under no circumstances shall ATELIER CHOUX be held liable for any fraudulent use of the credit card used by the Customer to pay for the Order.

Once the Customer’s bank account has been debited, the Order is sent directly to ATELIER CHOUX’s order preparation department, where the Customer’s Order number is displayed.

Once the Order has been paid for, an e-mail is sent to the Customer detailing the summary of the Order with an indication, where applicable, of any difficulties or reservations raised by the Order (Product availability, delivery times or chosen method of payment).

All orders are payable in Euros and USD.

Once the Products have been dispatched, ATELIER CHOUX will send the Customer a confirmation e-mail containing a summary of the Order, including the Product reference number(s), quantity, unit price and delivery method.

The Customer is informed that ATELIER CHOUX uses the Stripe® online payment solution, which ensures a high level of transaction security. For further information on this payment solution, the Customer is invited to visit the following address:

In addition, as part of its policy to combat fraud, ATELIER CHOUX may request additional information and documents from the Customer in the context of the execution and management of the Order and/or any dispute. Should the requested information and/or documents not be sent within the aforementioned time limit, ATELIER CHOUX may be obliged to cancel the Order and, in certain cases, to suspend the Customer’s access to his/her Customer Account.

Delivery charges for the Order may be included in the sale price of the Product and will be communicated to the Customer prior to final validation of the Order. Additional charges, custom duties or local taxes may apply depending on the delivery method.

    • Customer account creation

In order to access certain features of the Website, the Customer must create a Customer Account by entering his/her e-mail address. An e-mail containing a specific link for creating a password will then be sent to the Customer’s e-mail address. The Customer will then be invited to create a personal and confidential password by clicking on the link.

The customer must ensure the validity and accuracy of the information provided.

The Customer undertakes to update the information concerning him/her in the event of a change directly via his/her Customer Account.

  • Customer account deletion

5.2.1 Deletion of the Customer Account by ATELIER CHOUX

Non-compliance by the Customer with the obligations subscribed to under the terms of the Contract, and in general, without this list being limitative/nonexhaustive, any incident of payment of the price of an Order, the provision of false information when creating a Customer Account, any verbal violence towards ATELIER CHOUX, any unjustified recurring delivery problems and/or any repeated creation of a new Customer Account to obtain codes and advantages already used by the Customer may result in the suspension of access to the Customer Account(s) or even the permanent deactivation of the Customer Account(s), depending on the degree of seriousness of the actions in question, without ATELIER CHOUX being claimed for damages or compensation of any kind.

5.2.2 Deletion of the Customer Account by the Customer

The Customer may request the deletion of his/her Customer Account by contacting ATELIER CHOUX and providing proof of identity via the following email address: [email protected]

  • Newsletter subscription

When creating his/her Customer Account, the Customer may authorize ATELIER CHOUX to send him/her a newsletter to the email address he/she has provided, by ticking the box authorizing the sending of this newsletter.

The Customer may unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe process provided within the email containing the newsletter.   

  1. PRICE

The prices of the Products offered on the Website are indicated in euros (EUR) and in US dollars (USD), all taxes included, with the exception of Orders delivered outside the European Union, for which the prices of the Products are indicated exclusive of tax or custom duties.

Delivery charges for the Order may be included in the sale price of the Product and will, in any event, be communicated to the Customer prior to final validation of the Order. Additional charges, custom duties or local taxes may apply depending on the delivery method.

The Customer is hereby informed that ATELIER CHOUX is only bound by the prices of the Products offered on its Internet Site and shall in no way be bound by the prices of Products displayed on third-party websites. 


Delivery may be made by Colissimo, Chronopost or UPS, depending on the Customer’s place of residence or the address indicated by the Customer when placing the Order.

The delivery offer available for the Products will in any event be indicated on the Order page.

Delivery of the Products will take place (i) on the date or within the period indicated to the Customer by ATELIER CHOUX and at the latest within fifteen (15) days following the date of the Order, or (ii) within the period previously indicated to the Customer in the event of temporary unavailability of the said item (e.g. Pre-order items), accepted by the Customer when adding an item to his/her “Shopping Cart” as well as prior to acceptance of his/her Order. In any event, the Customer can track the status of his/her Order and the expected delivery date on the dedicated personal space of his/her Customer Account.

Product shipping costs are displayed when the Order is placed, before final validation by the Customer. Shipping costs may increase depending on :

  • place of delivery ;
  • of the selected carrier ;
  • the weight and size of the Products ordered;
  • the urgency of the delivery.

In addition, the Customer is informed that if the Products are shipped to a country outside the European Union, additional charges (e.g. customs duties) may be applied by the carrier, which will be borne exclusively by the Customer. In the event of the Product being returned to ATELIER CHOUX due to either the carrier’s failure to pay the additional charges or the Customer’s failure to pay the additional charges, the Customer may, by contacting ATELIER CHOUX’s complaints department :

  • Obtain a refund for the Product(s) returned, it being specified that shipping costs will not be refunded by ATELIER CHOUX ;
  • Have the Product(s) resent, it being specified that new shipping charges will be invoiced by ATELIER CHOUX.

ATELIER CHOUX reserves the right to suspend any delivery of Products in the event of failure to debit the Customer’s bank account.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the condition of the parcel and to make any reservations and claims that may appear justified to the carrier, or even to refuse the parcel on delivery, if it is likely to have been opened or if it bears obvious signs of deterioration. ATELIER CHOUX also invites the Customer to open the parcel in the presence of the carrier, when the delivery is made by hand, so that the Customer can check the condition of the Product delivered.

The Customer is hereby informed that:

  • ATELIER CHOUX cannot be held responsible for any anomaly noted at the time of delivery. Any anomaly will be investigated by the carrier;
  • In the event that the Customer makes a mistake concerning the shipping address indicated at the time of placing the Order, and in the event that the Product is returned to ATELIER CHOUX by the shipping company, the Customer may contact ATELIER CHOUX’s customer service department to request that the Product be reshipped, at the Customer’s own expense and without reimbursement of the original shipping charges.

ATELIER CHOUX retains full and complete ownership of the Products sold until full payment has been received, in principal, costs, taxes and compulsory contributions included.

In accordance with article L. 216-4 of the French Consumer Code, any risk of loss or damage to the Products is transferred to the Customer at the time when the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the Products.

The Customer takes possession of the goods by signing a delivery note.


Offers to sell Products presented on the Website are valid as long as they are announced on the Website and within the limits of available stocks.

ATELIER CHOUX will use reasonable efforts to ensure that Products are available.

In the event of total or partial unavailability of a Product after the Order has been placed, the Customer will be informed by e-mail of the partial delivery or cancellation of the Order.

In application of the provisions of articles L. 216-6 and L. 216-7 of the French Consumer Code, in the event of unavailability of a Product, the Customer will be reimbursed for the price of the Product ordered within 14 days of his request.


The Customer must notify ATELIER CHOUX of any reservations regarding the Products delivered (for example: damaged parcel, already opened, missing parts) within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the Product and in accordance with the conditions set out in article 12 of these GTC. The Customer may not request the return of a Product that the Customer finds not suitable if the Product does not have a defect in conformity or hidden defects, outside the legal withdrawal period provided for in article 11 hereof.

  • Warranty in case of defects in the Products

In the event of a defect in the Product(s), the legal provisions, in particular the legal warranties, shall apply.

ATELIER CHOUX is liable for defects in the conformity of the Products (articles L. 217-4 to L. 217-16 of the French Consumer Code) and for hidden defects under the conditions set out in articles 1641 to 1649 and 2232 of the French Civil Code.

When acting under the legal warranty of conformity, the Customer:

– has a period of two years from delivery of the goods to take action;

– may choose between repairing or replacing the good, provided that the Customer’s choice does not entail a cost that is manifestly disproportionate to the alternative, given the nature or value of the good or the significance of the defect;

– is exempted from proving the existence of the lack of conformity of the good during the twenty-four (24) months following delivery of the good.

The customer may decide to invoke the warranty against hidden defects in the item sold, as defined in article 1641 of the French Civil Code. In this case, the Customer may choose between rescission of the sale or a reduction in the purchase price in accordance with article 1644 of the French Civil Code.

  • Implementation of warranties

For any Product that the Customer would like to return under the aforementioned guarantees, the Customer must contact ATELIER CHOUX via the various means below:

  • Via the Website in the “Returns and Exchanges” section available at the following link: or
  • By email: [email protected]
  • By post:


6 rue d’Amboise

75002 Paris



In accordance with the provisions of article L.221-18 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of 14 (fourteen) clear days from the date of receipt of the Products to inform ATELIER CHOUX of his/her wish to withdraw using the “withdrawal” form in the Annex hereto or any unambiguous statement expressing his/her wish to withdraw and enabling the Customer to be identified. The form or the aforementioned letter must be sent to ATELIER CHOUX at the following address: [email protected] or via the “Exchanges and Returns” section available on the Website.

When this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

In accordance with article L.221-23 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer will then have a period of fourteen (14) days following communication of his/her decision to withdraw to return, at his/her own expense, the Products ordered, in their original packaging and in their original condition (new and undamaged), for reimbursement, it being specified that the direct costs of returning the goods are to be borne by the Customer.

If the new and undamaged Product is not returned by the Customer within fourteen (14) days of the communication of his decision, or if the Product is not new and undamaged, the return is invalid and the Customer must keep the Product, it being specified that, where applicable, the cost of return will be borne by the Customer.

In the event that the Product, due to its nature (bulky and/or heavy and/or high value), cannot be handled by the Post Office, the Customer may use the services of a carrier of his choice.

In accordance with article L.221-24 of the French Consumer Code , ATELIER CHOUX will reimburse the Customer for all sums paid at the time of the Order, including delivery costs, without undue delay and no later than fourteen (14) days from the date on which it is informed of the Customer’s decision to withdraw. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer.

However, this refund period may be deferred until the Product has been recovered by ATELIER CHOUX.

Reimbursement to the Customer will be made by crediting the amount debited from the Customer’s credit card.

The Customer is reminded that, in the event of withdrawal after use of the Products, he/she is liable for the depreciation of the Products resulting from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the Products. According to the European Commission, these manipulations are those that a consumer can carry out in a store, for goods offered for sale there.

    • Procedure in the event of loss of Products by the carrier

If the Product cannot be delivered to the Customer due to the loss of the package by the carrier, the Customer is informed that an investigation with the carrier will be carried out, which may take up to 21 working days.

If, during this period, the Product is found, it will be immediately redirected to the place of delivery designated at the time of the Order.

If the Product is not found at the end of the investigation period, ATELIER CHOUX will proceed, at its own expense, with a new shipment of the missing Products initially ordered by the Customer.

ATELIER CHOUX has the right to cancel the Order and reimburse the Customer after 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts are made, due to carrier issues, address errors, and other unforeseen barriers to deliver, at its discretion.

  • Procedure in the event of problems upon receipt of Products

12.2.1 Missing product

If a Product is found to be missing upon receipt, the Customer must inform ATELIER CHOUX via the following email address: [email protected] within 48 hours of receipt of the parcel, enclosing to the email :

  • A photograph of the package
  • A photograph of the shipping label and/or packing list

After agreement by ATELIER CHOUX in view of the elements sent to him/her, the Customer may choose either to receive a promotional code corresponding to the value of the Products to be used for a future purchase on the Website, or to have the missing Product sent again under the conditions proposed by ATELIER CHOUX.

12.2.2. Damaged product

If a Product is found to be damaged on receipt, the Customer must inform ATELIER CHOUX via the following email address: [email protected] within 48 hours of receipt of the parcel, enclosing to the email :

  • A photograph of the Product in question highlighting the problem found
  • A photograph of the package
  • A photograph of the shipping label
  • A photograph of the plastic bag (if present) with the bar code visible.

After agreement by ATELIER CHOUX in view of the elements sent by the Customer, the Customer will be able to choose either to receive a promotional code corresponding to the value of the Product to be used for a future purchase on the Website, or to have the damaged Product sent again under the conditions proposed by ATELIER CHOUX.

12.2.3. Product error

If an error is noted on the product upon receipt, the Customer must inform ATELIER CHOUX via the email address: [email protected] within 48 hours of receipt of the package by attaching to the email :

  • A photograph of the bag (if present) with the bar code visible
  • A photograph of the Product

After agreement from ATELIER CHOUX in view of the elements sent to him, the Customer will be able to choose between receiving a promotional code corresponding to the value of the Product to be used for a future purchase on the Website, or having the missing Product sent again under the conditions proposed by ATELIER CHOUX.


The User undertakes to access the Website using recent, virus-free equipment, and with an up-to-date browser.

The User confirms that he/she has the technical knowledge required to use the Website correctly, particularly with regard to the handling of his/her data. The User undertakes to use the Website in good faith.

The User is solely responsible for the use of the Website.

ATELIER CHOUX will use its best endeavours to ensure that the Website is operated in the best possible conditions and that the information relating to the Products is kept up to date.

However, ATELIER CHOUX declines all responsibility towards the User for any interruption, suspension or malfunction of the Website, loss of data, occurrence of bugs that may alter the information presented on the Website, or any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party.

In any event, ATELIER CHOUX shall not be held liable in the event of improper use of the Website by the User. 


The Website may be temporarily interrupted at any time for maintenance or updating purposes.


All elements (i) present on the Website, in particular any text, photograph, image, sound, graphic element, etc., (ii) making up the Website, including its graphic charter, tree structure, navigation interfaces, databases, etc., of any nature and in any form whatsoever, and (iii) any software used on the Website, (hereinafter the “Properties”) are subject to be protected under intellectual property laws and to belong to ATELIER CHOUX and/or third parties.

The User therefore undertakes in particular not to copy, modify or integrate the Properties on any medium whatsoever, to carry out reverse engineering or to use any other method to attempt to access the source codes and/or protocols of the Properties. The User also refrains from selling, assigning, licensing, sub-licensing, transferring, pledging or transmitting the Properties in any way whatsoever.

All distinctive signs, in particular trademarks and logos, are and remain the property of ATELIER CHOUX or of the holders of the intellectual property rights concerned. Acknowledging these exclusive rights to these signs, the User undertakes not to make any use of them other than that associated with consultation of the Website and not to infringe the intellectual property rights of ATELIER CHOUX or those of the holders of the rights concerned.

Any use of the Properties other than for consultation of the Website is prohibited without the express prior written consent of the owners of the rights concerned.


ATELIER CHOUX strives to protect Users’ personal information by ensuring a high level of security, but the User also has a role to play in protecting his/her personal data. In particular, the User must maintain the security of his online transactions, for example by not communicating his login (the User’s e-mail address) and/or password to third parties and by regularly changing his password. In this respect, ATELIER CHOUX cannot be held responsible for the disclosure of information concerning the User to any individual having used the User’s identifier (the User’s e-mail address) and/or password.


ATELIER CHOUX may not be held liable in the event that the non-performance or improper performance of its obligations (and in particular in the event of late delivery), is attributable either to the behavior of the Customer or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party (such as, but not limited to, supply shortages suffered by ATELIER CHOUX despite all reasonable efforts to remedy the situation) or to a case of force majeure as defined by the regulations in force and interpreted by the Courts (such as, but not limited to, strikes, natural disasters, floods, fire, etc.).)

ATELIER CHOUX shall not be held liable in the event of an error in typing the required e-mail address, delivery address or Customer phone number, or in the event of non-receipt of the Order confirmation e-mail. In this case, the sale will be considered definitive, except in the case of cancellation of the Order by ATELIER CHOUX, notably due to the unavailability of Products.

The customer may nevertheless exercise his right of withdrawal under the conditions set out in article 11 of the GTC.


The use of the Website and the placing of an Order under the conditions described in the GTC entail the processing by ATELIER CHOUX and, where applicable, its partners, of the User’s personal data.

The terms and conditions of this processing are detailed in the Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of the GTC.


For any information or questions, the FAQ is available on the website. For any information or questions, customer service can be reached by e-mail at the following address [email protected]

If, after written request and discussion with ATELIER CHOUX customer service, the Customer’s complaint is rejected, the Customer may choose to benefit from a mediation service. The Customer may have recourse to this service for any disputes that may arise concerning the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance of the Contract, in the event that no solution has been found.

In accordance with the provisions of the French Consumer Code concerning the amicable settlement of disputes, ATELIER CHOUX adheres to the CM2C Mediation Service (Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation de Conciliateurs de Justice located at 14 rue Saint Jean – 75017 Paris –  

After prior written application by the consumer to ATELIER CHOUX, the Mediation Service may be contacted for any consumer dispute which has not been settled.

However, both the Customer and ATELIER CHOUX remain free to accept or refuse this amicable recourse to mediation.

In addition, for all practical purposes, in accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013, the European Commission has set up an online dispute resolution platform, facilitating the independent out-of-court settlement of online disputes between consumers and professionals in the European Union. This platform can be accessed via the following link:


The Contract between the Customer and ATELIER CHOUX and/or its successors and assigns is binding between the Parties. The Contract and the rights and obligations of the Parties may not be assigned or transferred without the prior written consent of the other Party.

The fact that a Party does not avail itself of a provision of the GTC does not in any way imply waiver of the benefit of the said provision.

The Parties undertake, in general and for the entire duration of the Contract, to behave towards each other at all times as loyal partners acting in good faith, and in particular to report immediately any difficulties they may encounter in the performance of the Contract.

The nullity, unenforceability or, more generally, the lack of effect of any of the stipulations of the Contract shall not affect the remainder of the Contract, which shall be performed as if such stipulation had never existed, provided, however, that this does not compromise the balance of the Contract and that the stipulation in question was not a determining condition of the consent of a Party. In addition, the Parties agree to replace, insofar as possible, any stipulation deprived of effect by a valid stipulation having the same effect and reflecting, as far as possible, their original intention.


Any dispute arising in connection with all or part of the provisions of these GTS shall be governed by French law.

Except in cases where the law does not allow it, exclusive jurisdiction is given to the competent courts of Paris.



To the attention of SAS ATELIER CHOUX, 6 rue d’Amboise – 75002 Paris

I/We (*) hereby notify you (*) of my/our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the following goods (*) / services (*):

Ordered on (*) / received on (*) :

Name of consumer(s) :

Address of consumer(s) :

Signature of consumer(s) (only in the case of notification of this form on paper)

Date :

(*) Delete as appropriate,