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How to pronounce Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux /a.tə.lje ʃu/ Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have been pronouncing [...]

The inspiration for our new Versailles Balloons art print

Long before the first balloon flight took place, men had dreamed of flying in the [...]

Founders Q&A – Interview with Poster Child Magazine

It was at Pitti Bimbo 88 in Florence, Italy where we first spotted Atelier Choux [...]

The inspirational Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is close to Atelier Choux’s heart. It was the first “muse” of the [...]

Atelier Choux and architecture

Today, 5th of October, we celebrate World Architecture Day. Architecture should be much more appreciated, [...]

Functional everyday carré – how to use it!

Atelier Choux’s signature, multipurpose carrés are elegant and functional daily essentials. They are also an easy [...]

Behind the scenes of our new Paris print

Adorable creatures are starting their day in the city of lights. Parisians and tourists alike [...]

History of Versailles – 10 interesting facts

Today, on the 6th of May, it has been 338 years since the Versailles became [...]

Celebrating the Notre Dame

Today (15.4) marks one year since the devastating fire at Notre Dame. Today we are [...]

Our Story: Behind Atelier Choux

Nicolas, Atelier Choux’s co-founder, explains how he and his wife started the brand and how [...]

Mattias Adolfsson – The illustrator behind Atelier Choux aesthetic

Atelier Choux is privileged to work with this acclaimed Swedish illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson, who is [...]

Atelier Choux quality and savoir-faire – 100% organic cotton

Environmentally friendly, quality materials are in the core of Atelier Choux. For us it is [...]

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