Atelier Choux and architecture

Today, 5th of October, we celebrate World Architecture Day. Architecture should be much more appreciated, but usually we take it for granted. Next time you are walking in the city, focus on looking around you. Almost everything you see is a result of design and architecture. It is everyday art that we should be able to enjoy a lot more!


Living in Paris, we are no stranger to Rococo art and architecture. The Rococo movement was expressed throughout Europe in the 18th century, reflecting on architecture, decorative arts, sculpture, and painting. It’s recognizable through curvy and asymmetrical lines in its architecture, where rooms generally are oval in shape. We LOVE and are so inspired by the Rococo style. Our Paris boutique embodies the era’s ornate details on wooden cabinets with painted animal carvings.

In the heart of Marais, Hôtel de Soubise, is one of the finest works of Rococo era. Photo by
Our Paris boutique

Paris Haussman buildings

The Haussmann apartment buildings in Paris are the city’s historical charm. Designed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann to reconstruct Paris in the 19th century, the facades had to follow strict guidelines, which became the essential elements in Haussmann buildings. Same height and cream-colored stones, high ceiling on the ground floor, and balcony above the first floor. In fact, we like taking pictures of these gorgeous facades, and many of our creations are inspired by our strolls in Paris!

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Architecture is a part of our culture

We love taking in the beauty of Paris every day with our children, every walk is an adventure and a “visual feast” for both parents and kids. We try not to take this beauty for granted and point out the sculptural elements on buildings, bridges, and ordinary objects like water fountains and public benches to our children. We are sure this develops their appreciation for art and design early on!

Not only does architecture have an impact on society at a high level, but it also has an impact on a personal level as well. Everything from material finishes to the way that space is laid out can contribute towards the productivity, mood, and health of the occupants. For example, did you know that people are less likely to take sick leave when they work in a space that has been well-designed? They are also usually more focused and tend to contribute more to their business. On the flip side, higher levels of stress can be caused as a consequence of unimaginative buildings and concrete, sterile landscapes. 

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