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Paris with babies – gear packing tips

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Snoozing in Paris

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The Art of Breastfeeding – Our visit to the Louvre

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The inspirational Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is close to Atelier Choux’s heart. It was the first “muse” of the... [Click here to read more]

Atelier Choux and architecture

Today, 5th of October, we celebrate World Architecture Day. Architecture should be much more appreciated,... [Click here to read more]

Welcome to Atelier Choux, the Dreamiest Baby Store in Paris – Interview with The Grace Tales

Interview with Atelier Choux’s co-founders, written by Georgie Abay in July 2020. See the article... [Click here to read more]

The enchanting carousels of Paris

Today, on the July 25th, we celebrate the national Carousel Day. The merry-go-rounds have been... [Click here to read more]

Paris with kids – Travel guide

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Behind the scenes of our new Paris print

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History of Versailles – 10 interesting facts

Today, on the 6th of May, it has been 338 years since the Versailles became... [Click here to read more]

Celebrating the Notre Dame

Today (15.4) marks one year since the devastating fire at Notre Dame. Today we are... [Click here to read more]

Hôtel de Crillon X Atelier Choux

Hôtel de Crillon, a luxury hotel at Concorde, is a timeless Parisian landmark. It is... [Click here to read more]