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Snoozing in Paris

We are so grateful to be parents during such an innovation filled moment in parenting. The SNOO bassinet has completely differentiated our experience this time vs. when we rocked, swayed and danced our first and second babies around in our arms for hours at a time with a prayer for sleep! In the first several […]

The Art of Breastfeeding – Our visit to the Louvre

Exploring the Louvre can be a daunting task with four floors to cover and approximately 35,000 works on display. Exploring with a particular theme in mind can help give the trip more clarity. Paintings with the following themes naturally catch our attention each time we visit – namely babies, moms with babies and breastfeeding babies! […]

The inspirational Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is close to Atelier Choux’s heart. It was the first “muse” of the brand and a lot of inspiration comes from there. The founders of Atelier Choux live close by the park and have always admired its beauty. Parc Monceau is located in the 8ème arrondissement in Paris, between Arc de Triomphe and […]

Atelier Choux and architecture

Today, 5th of October, we celebrate World Architecture Day. Architecture should be much more appreciated, but usually we take it for granted. Next time you are walking in the city, focus on looking around you. Almost everything you see is a result of design and architecture. It is everyday art that we should be able […]

Welcome to Atelier Choux, the Dreamiest Baby Store in Paris – Interview with The Grace Tales

Interview with Atelier Choux’s co-founders, written by Georgie Abay in July 2020. See the article on The Grace Tales. One year after Daniella Gelman met her now husband, she moved from New York to Paris to complete her MBA. The Franco-American couple had always dreamed of setting up a creative workshop (in fact, it was […]

Behind the scenes of our new Paris print

Adorable creatures are starting their day in the city of lights. Parisians and tourists alike are walking around with their breakfast baguettes, lounging in cafés sipping coffee and smelling the fresh croissants emanate from the boulangeries. It must be a weekend because the farmers market is already bustling. Tourists are consulting their maps, rushing to […]

History of Versailles – 10 interesting facts

Today, on the 6th of May, it has been 338 years since the Versailles became the headquarters of the government. The Château de Versailles was the principal royal residence and the center of the kingdom from 1682 until 1789 when the French Revolution started. Versailles’ history starts with a small hunting lodge that turned into […]

Celebrating the Notre Dame

Today (15.4) marks one year since the devastating fire at Notre Dame. Today we are thinking about this magnificent monument and we have gathered 10 interesting, lesser-known facts about our Notre Dame de Paris: THE TOWERS ARE NOT IDENTICAL When you first look at the cathedral’s two towers, they seem to be twins. When you observe them a little […]

Hôtel de Crillon X Atelier Choux

Hôtel de Crillon, a luxury hotel at Concorde, is a timeless Parisian landmark. It is a celebration of the spirit of Paris and French art de vivre. Hôtel de Crillon showcases refined taste and creates a truly Parisian experience for sophisticated travelers. Atelier Choux has been part of the Hôtel de Crillon boutique’s selection of […]