Paris with babies – gear packing tips

While traveling plans may be postponed due to the pandemic, it is never too early to plan ahead and dream a little about the adventure-to-come in this city of lights! Paris is generally kid-friendly with, in the usual time, a lot of activities going on and places to visit for young children and their families. To read more about our favorite things to do with kids, visit here. That said, not all the places are well-equipped, and you may need to prepare a few things before the outing with your baby. These tips are not only meant for tourists but also new parents who live in this city!

Changing pad/cloth

Restaurants and washrooms are typically tiny in Paris, so rarely can you find a changing table anywhere. It means that a portable changing pad/cloth is necessary when you’re out in the city since you may change diapers in any place. Our multipurpose carrés can be used for an easy and quick changing surface. Click here to discover our designs.

Photo by @gigiandbenny

Baby stroller

Walking around Paris with the baby requires a good stroller, that is lightweight and rides smoothly. Some metro stations are not equipped with elevators or escalators, so be prepared that you will have to fold and unfold, and also carry the stroller quite a few times. Besides, an umbrella stroller is more recommended as Paris can drizzle from time to time. We also suggest bringing an extra carré along to cover the stroller and keep your baby in the shade.

Baby carrier

Keep it in mind that streets in Paris are quite narrow, the cobblestone roads also make it slightly difficult to navigate with a stroller at times. A baby carrier can be a good alternative. It is particularly useful when you take the metro or have to pass through some crowded streets.

Travel crib and crib sheet

This one is dedicated to parents who are traveling in Paris. Some babies are more sensitive to others when it comes to the crib. They may feel more familiar and therefore calmer with their own crib. Parents can consider bringing a travel crib to Paris since also not all the hotels or apartments here provide a crib. Don’t forget to also pack a crib sheet, which can be the sheet your baby has been using at home to make them feel more habitual and less irritated with the new environment.

Photo by @nicolabathiemclaughlin

Light blanket

The weather in Paris can change pretty quickly, the temperature can drop dramatically between daytime and nighttime, especially in Spring and Autumn. Bringing a light blanket is always a safe choice, as you can cover or swaddle the baby at any time to keep them warm. Our cashmere light blanket, for instance, is designed to keep the warmth with ultra soft texture. It can be folded to fit into small bags for outing, and also used as a blanket during naptime.

Photo by @allthingsvictoria

A tip on choosing where to stay: if you are tempted to rent an apartment, make sure in advance that the building is equipped with an elevator! The beautiful Haussmannian buildings can be dated back to the 19th century, and they may only have stairways. It would be quite a challenge to walk up and down several times a day with the baby and all belongings. Double checking before making a reservation is always the way to go.

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