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DIY : How to frame a carré

Today, we're transforming a beautiful Atelier Choux carré into a stunning piece of wall art, [...]

Feeding journey

With three children of her own, co-founder of French children’s brand Atelier Choux Daniella knows [...]

Planning a party with Atelier Choux!

Atelier Choux’s whimsical yet sophisticated prints give a variety of events a special flair. When [...]

Bon Appétit! Introducing our new Carré!

You are cordially invited to an Atelier Choux diner (dinner)! Inspired by precise French dining [...]

Ferris Wheel – About our latest Atelier Choux print

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest print, Ferris wheel. This new [...]

How to pronounce Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux /a.tə.lje ʃu/ Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have been pronouncing [...]

Tips on a calming nursery

Preparing and setting up the nursery for your new baby is surely one of the [...]

Swaddling Q&A

There is no doubt that parents need to prepare A LOT before the arrival of [...]

Baby & kids photography ideas

A lot of parents like to get a photoshoot for their children, to capture their [...]

Guide to buying baby clothing

Shopping for baby clothing can be fun and exciting, but not always straightforward. Couples, who [...]

Paris with babies – gear packing tips

While traveling plans may be postponed due to the pandemic, it is never too early [...]

Give your home a French fix with our gift boxes

All purchases of our carrés, cashmere blankets, and clothing come with our wow-worthy gift boxes. [...]

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