Tips on a calming nursery

Preparing and setting up the nursery for your new baby is surely one of the most challenging yet rewarding parental experiences. Even though the nursery is essentially set up for the baby, parents are going to spend an equally considerable amount of time in it. It is why it can be tricky to design a nursery that is not only practical but also aesthetically appealing to both parents and the baby, and preferably beneficial to the baby’s overall development. Here are some tips we have to help you create a calming nursery, which aims to soothe fussy babies and let them have some good night’s sleep!

Play with the color

Choosing the main color is a good place to start the #projectnursery. Many studies and researches have already shown how colors play an important role in our minds, which affects our behaviors and perceptions as adults. The same can apply to baby’s room, which can create a calming effect on the little ones and will possibly contribute alongside their growth!

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  • Blue is generally a calming color. A light shade of turquoise/powder blue is close to the color of the sea/sky which helps us relax and fall asleep soundly. Blue is a color that goes no matter you are having a boy or a girl. It represents wisdom, steadfastness, and dependability. Blue is also a cooling color, use it in the nursery to help if your baby tends to get warm easily.
  • A pale/pastel pink is known to inspire a comfortable feeling, which helps babies to feel at ease and relax. Pink is also very much associated with love and helps increase baby’s compassion. It takes the advantage of the red color but softens the stimulation at the same time. 
  • Green has gained its popularity in nursery project as it is a color that has nurturing power and is suitable for both boys and girls. The green color is believed to encourage baby’s cognitive development and is associated with nature and healing power which help create a serene environment.

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Introduce mixed textures 

Textures are an essential part of the nursery. The materials and fabrics you choose to incorporate in the nursery not only change and create the mood of the room but also help baby’s sensory development. When babies explore different textures, it develops their sense of touch. Learning textures will also help support a baby’s language development and motor skills. Wool and cashmere blankets, velvet pillows, and soft stuffed animals are some great items to include in the baby’s room. They will create a comfy mood in the room, and also allow the baby to discover textures through daily life. 

Photo by @its_baby_dana

Sound for a tranquil night’s sleep

After being in the mother’s womb which has constant noise for months, newborn babies may not be used to sleeping in a silent environment. Putting some white noises in the nursery will surprisingly help babies sleep better. Parents can use noise machines specially made for this purpose, or create their “own noise” by using things as simple as a fan.

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