Tips to create a beautiful yet practical nursery – Interview with Editor’s Beauty

There is nothing more exciting than expecting a new baby. Those first precious kicks, the purchasing of tiny little baby clothes, excited siblings full of questions and expectation, and of course, designing the ultimate haven that can grow with your new baby.

But with Instagram awash picture perfect nurseries, designing one of your own can seem more than a little daunting. What if change your mind? What if you miss out some vital baby equipment? Or worse yet, what if you waste your money on items you simply don’t need?!

To put your mind at easy and help you create the nursery of your dreams, we enlisted the help of interior connoisseur’s, parents and founders of French luxury baby brand, Atelier Choux, Daniella Gelman and Nicolas Smolarski .

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Designing our son’s nursery as first-time parents was the catalyst that led us to create Atelier Choux in 2016. We imagined crib sheets with dreamy, architectural elements inhabited by charismatic animals. We were inspired by the ornate architecture we see every day in Paris, and met with the Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson and put these ideas on paper. Three children later, we feel well versed in all things to do with the nursery!

Atelier Choux’s top tips for creating a beautiful yet practical nursery

1/ Think practically first and determine the areas of the room for sleeping, changing, dressing and play. For example, position the changing table near a drawer full of onesies, pyjamas, socks and bibs. Or, create a changing station with a pad on top of a dresser.

2/ To maintain a calm feeling you need clean surfaces, so make sure you have some semi-empty drawers or nice boxes to organise your things in.

3/ Carefully consider the placement of the crib or bassinet vs. a window if its winter. When bébé arrives, the room’s flow might be more obvious, so don’t hesitate to move things around. If the room allows it, a twin or queen bed can be useful to have during the first couple months, to be next to bébé and spare other members of your household from waking up!

Photo by @juliasalk

4/ Onto the styling! Walls are an easy first step to design a space, setting the overall theme or color palette. Try a framed piece of art or wall stickers for an instant look with little-to-no commitment. Crib sheets and the changing table cover are next – and should evoke the same theme and colors set by the walls. Our carrés work nicely on top of any changing table pad and can be swapped in and out depending on your theme, mood or necessity – things can get messy quickly! Curtains tie the textiles together, we love luxurious velvet in a neutral color.

5/ A comfortable and stylish chair is the perfect investment for feeding and reading bedtime stories and the perfect statement piece in your nursery.

6/ A chandelier is a great way to give the room a professionally styled look, but don’t forget a dimmable lamp as well. The lamp will be especially useful in the middle of the night for feeding and changing bébé, without waking them up too much! Match both to your theme or color.

7/ Laundry hampers and a useful trashcan are key and can also reinforce your theme.

8/ Invest in a few high quality pieces that will bring you joy and can become heirloom pieces whether that’s a cute hairbrush, rattles and collector’s toys, or bigger pieces such as a nice cushion or a cashmere blanket.

9/ A mobile for bébé to look at is the perfect finishing touch!

Written by Editor’s Beauty. Read the full article here.

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