Bon Appétit! Introducing our new Carré!

You are cordially invited to an Atelier Choux diner (dinner)! Inspired by precise French dining etiquette and to celebrate the launch of our latest Tabletop print, we will break down how to set up the perfect table like a pro. Get ready to impress!

Cutlery Placement

From left to right:

  • Cloth napkins are to be placed to the far left of your plate
  • Next comes the forks (une fourchette). Forks should always be placed to the left of the plate (see exception below for a small fork with a special purpose). In French tradition, a fork and knife are placed on the table for every course served. The order follows the courses starting from the outside working inwards towards the plate.
    • Start with the entrée/salad fork (fourchette à salade) on the outer left
    • Next comes the fish fork (fourchette à poisson)
    • Finally, closest to the plate is where you will find your dinner fork (une fourchette)
  • In typical French fashion, your plate will be placed in the center and changed upon every course.

From right to left:

  • If applicable – at the farthest right of your plate you may start with a small fork; usually an oyster fork if shellfish is being served, a fondue fork, or tongs for the infamous French delicacy, escargot (snails).
  • Next comes the series of knives, with each to be used as the meal unfolds, from the outside towards the inside. Also importantly, knives should always be placed with the sharp edge towards the plate.
    • On the outside you will find your entree/salad knife (couteau à salade)
    • In the middle you will find you fish knife (couteau à poisson)
    • Closest to your plate will be your dinner knife (couteau) resting on a knife rest (le porte-couteau).

In front of the plate:

  • Typically, between your glass and your plate is where you will find your dessert cutlery, set horizontally
    • A dessert fork will be placed closest to your plate with the fork tip always facing right
    • In the middle your dessert spoon will always be facing the opposite direction of the fork.
    • Furthest away from your plate, a dessert knife will be placed pointing to the right with the sharp edge facing your plate.

Pro tip: To properly dine like the French, keep in mind that your knife should always be used with your right-hand, even if you’re left-handed. Never hold your fork and knife in a fist like position, even when cutting something. Instead, your index finger should be extended on the handle.

There you have it, now you’re well equipped to host a proper French soirée. Bon appetit!

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