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Ferris Wheel – About our latest Atelier Choux print

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest print, Ferris wheel. This new print celebrates the history of the Ferris wheel with of course the added Atelier Choux touch. With Atelier Choux’s aesthetics being deeply embedded in architecture, landmarks, and whimsical details, the Ferris Wheel was a natural addition to our prints. Our […]

The inspiration for our new Versailles Balloons art print

Long before the first balloon flight took place, men had dreamed of flying in the air. In the 18th century, the Montgolfier brothers finally made it happen. Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, paper manufacturers at the time, discovered that with heated air in a paper or fabric bag, the bag rose. In 1782, they then began […]

In Bloom – The newest addition to Atelier Choux print family

The latest addition to Atelier Choux’s collection of wonderful whimsical prints is the Chinoiserie inspired In Bloom. Following in the Atelier Choux tradition of finding inspiration in architecture, nature and history, this delightful design brings the 17th century European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions of design and decoration into the 21st century. […]

New Baby Wish List – Our Favorite Essentials for New & Seasoned Parents

Preparing for bébé 3 has a different feel to it. For our first, it was all about being prepared for everything – which in hindsight led to too much unnecessary gear and over-spending. For our second it was the exact opposite – we figured we already had everything we needed and knew it all – […]

The circus is in town – New print

It is time to meet all the amazing and talented performers who have arrived to entertain us. The astonishing magical mouse is ready to show its tricks as the beautiful ballerina is doing her act on a flying horse. A talented tightrope walker and phenomenal fire-eater are showing their skills while the orchestra plays joyful […]

Behind the scenes of our new Paris print

Adorable creatures are starting their day in the city of lights. Parisians and tourists alike are walking around with their breakfast baguettes, lounging in cafés sipping coffee and smelling the fresh croissants emanate from the boulangeries. It must be a weekend because the farmers market is already bustling. Tourists are consulting their maps, rushing to […]

They are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints!

Art print Paris

After multiple requests, they are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints! Now you have a possibility to have whimsical Atelier Choux prints on your walls. You can decorate the nursery, bedroom or even your living room with these luxurious best seller prints. Through our prints, Atelier Choux is one the first exposures to art […]