They are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints!

After multiple requests, they are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints!

Now you have a possibility to have whimsical Atelier Choux prints on your walls. You can decorate the nursery, bedroom or even your living room with these luxurious best seller prints.

Through our prints, Atelier Choux is one the first exposures to art that your child has. These art prints are an ideal way to have inspiring and engaging wall decor in your kid’s room. As our carrés are mainly for smaller kids, these art prints are a perfect way to have Atelier Choux in older kids’ life as well.

All the art prints are printed with high-quality archival inks with a matte finish. The prints are sold unframed, so you have the opportunity to find the perfect frame to fit your decor. These art prints come in two different sizes – 12 x 18 inches (31 x 46 cm) and 24 x 36 inches (61 x 92 cm).  

Choose your print, choose your size and choose the place to hang it on your wall! Shop all the art prints here!