Ferris Wheel – About our latest Atelier Choux print

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest print, Ferris wheel. This new print celebrates the history of the Ferris wheel with of course the added Atelier Choux touch. With Atelier Choux’s aesthetics being deeply embedded in architecture, landmarks, and whimsical details, the Ferris Wheel was a natural addition to our prints. Our Ferris Wheel incorporates charismatic creatures, humor, and ornate architectural elements into a new classic. Several of the ride’s jeweled cabins are inspired by Fabergé eggs.

History of the Ferris wheel

It all started when an earnest engineer and a visionary architect set out to construct something that would rival the infamous Eiffel Tower. The first Ferris wheel, named after George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., was built in Chicago in 1893. George Washington Gales Ferris Jr. who was a structural engineer from Pittsburgh, proposed the idea of ​​the Ferris wheel to Daniel Burnham, the lead architect of the Chicago fair. Reaching heights of 264 feet, the original Ferris wheel offered fairgoers a 10-to-20-minute ride unlike they’ve ever experienced before. Views overlooking Lake Michigan and the outskirts of the city drew in crowds of people excited to feast their eyes on a bird’s eye view of Chicago.

The Ferris Wheel collection will join Atelier Choux’s permanent collection and is available across Atelier Choux’s offering of carrés (light blankets, swaddles) and mini carrés, fitted sheets, decorative pillows, art prints and bibs. Clothing will launch towards the end of the year.

Discover our Ferris wheel collection below.

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