The circus is in town – New print

It is time to meet all the amazing and talented performers who have arrived to entertain us. The astonishing magical mouse is ready to show its tricks as the beautiful ballerina is doing her act on a flying horse. A talented tightrope walker and phenomenal fire-eater are showing their skills while the orchestra plays joyful music to set the pace for the show. The ringmaster is making sure that everyone is having a good time. So, taste the delicious cotton candy, find the best seat and enjoy the show.

We gave a little taste of the Circus print earlier this spring in a form of a velour cushion and an art print, but now the product range got wider. You can find this adorable print also on our signature carré, bibs and organic cotton cushion and fitted sheet.

This gender-neutral print presents a modern-day French circus without caged animals or show elephants, in a nod to PETA‘s, The Humane Society‘s and other’s amazing work against animal cruelty in circuses.

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