Baby & kids photography ideas

A lot of parents like to get a photoshoot for their children, to capture their growth and keep the precious memories to enjoy in the years to come. It may be difficult to organize a large scale or outdoor photoshoot under the current circumstances, but why not take the opportunity to explore different ideas and plan ahead for your next photoshoot? These ideas below can be done at home, which will be a fun project to carry out with your children! We also showcase some examples of how you can use our products as props in the photoshoot.

Mommy and me

Without any necessary props, the mommy-and-me photoshoot puts the emphasis on the interaction and the connection between the mother and her child. It is simple and natural. Most of the time, moms are the ones behind the camera, so, a photoshoot session that is dedicated to her and the kids will be such a precious souvenir to enjoy and remember.

Photo by @Mothermusemag
Photo by @laurenhadalittlelamb
Photo by @jennycipoletti

Tea party

In France, children usually have “le goûter” after school, which translates into English as afternoon tea. Why not have a photoshoot during the kids’ tea time? It may take some preparation in advance, for the sweets and biscuits, as well as pulling out your favorite tea set. If you just don’t have the time to prepare, an imaginative afternoon tea while the kids are playing house will also work. The results are just as fabulous as a tea party with real cakes. A tip: if the color or texture of the table does not suit the theme you wish to carry out, simply throw a tablecloth on top of it.

Photo by @bittersweetcolours
Photos by @itscherry_
Photo by @juliasalk

Foodie/Cooking with baby

Babies are so curious about the world, of course it includes yummy food. It is such an adorable idea to capture babies tasting and discovering something new. Get a cute bib and you will be all set for the photoshoot!

Photos by @ojl.x
Photos by @lashlee_elizabeth

Garden party

Whether you plan on throwing a birthday party, a family brunch, or a simple picnic with the little ones, the garden is always one of many parents’ go-to places as kids can play and run freely there. It is not only beautiful to take pictures in the garden but it often also is easier to get the ideal results, thanks to the natural sunlight. There are plenty of ideas and themes you can use for a garden photoshoot. For example, a camping themed party, picnic party, or festival-inspired party.

Photo by @bittersweetcolours
Photo by @sweetcarolinedesigns

A trip to Paris

While traveling may not be an option for now, an imaginative trip to Paris can be done at your home! Gather all the Parisian elements, and make believe that you and your little ones are enjoying a French croissant at a café in the city of lights. A tip: you can use (real or toy) French pastries and desserts to make it look more like Paris! Our Hotel Particulier gift boxes are also a cute prop in any French themed photoshoot.

Photo by @laurenhadalittlelamb
Photo by @gardeniagrove
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