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They are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints!

After multiple requests, they are finally here – Atelier Choux art prints! Now you have [...]

History of Versailles – 10 interesting facts

Today, on the 6th of May, it has been 338 years since the Versailles became [...]

The Atelier Choux activities book – Volume II

Following the success of our previous activities book (see here), we have put together more [...]

Interview with Mini Magazine

Founders of Atelier Choux, Daniella and Nicolas, live and work in the city of light [...]

The Atelier Choux activities book

Isolation at-home with little ones means more quality time, but requires us to do a [...]

Celebrating the Notre Dame

Today (15.4) marks one year since the devastating fire at Notre Dame. Today we are [...]

Betta x Atelier Choux

Betta is Japanese baby brand specializing in baby bottles. They produce baby bottles that are [...]

Fun with luxury gold foil tattoos

Temporary tattoos make a perfect party activity for both children and parents. It is one [...]

Easter Eggs Atelier Choux Style

A fun and easy DIY project, perfect for at-home play and Easter! Temporary tattoos slide [...]

Hôtel de Crillon X Atelier Choux

Hôtel de Crillon, a luxury hotel at Concorde, is a timeless Parisian landmark. It is [...]

The Importance of Early Sensorial Development – Vision

Atelier Choux prints sure look cute and whimsical, but there is actually more to the [...]

Tokyo Haneda x Atelier Choux

Tokyo Haneda, or Tokyo International airport, is one of the two major airports serving the [...]

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