The Importance of Early Sensorial Development – Vision

Atelier Choux prints sure look cute and whimsical, but there is actually more to the prints than just the delightful visual appearances. You might want to buy our products just because you love the aesthetics (we love them too!), but in addition to that, there is actually a more rational reason to have these prints in your petit choux’s life.

Visual stimuli is very important for your baby’s development. Growth of vision, together with hearing, is one of the earliest processes of brain development in infants. During the first year, you baby’s vision develops rapidly.

Already at two months old, you baby is able to differentiate the primary colors and is starting to notice different hues. By the 4th month, they can even start favoring a specific color. At the 5-month milestone, your baby can closely study objects, noticing smaller details and features in toys. To help this development, you can give them colorful pictures to look at, books to go through and toys to play with. Atelier Choux prints are perfect to help with this development – with colorful, fascinating details, the prints will attract your baby’s curiosity. When they turn one, their vision is fully developed. At this point, it is very important to be aware of what kind of visuals you are showing to you child.

Baby’s brain is very malleable, so it can adopt quickly to what is happening around them. The consistency of images and prints you show them plays a major role. New sensations create new synapses in a baby’s brain. The more these new synapses are used, the quicker they become permanent. If these synapses are not being used after the first exposure, they can disappear as the baby grows. For example, if you decorate the nursery with Atelier Choux wall stickers, your baby will see cute animals, pastel colors and fascinating details on a daily basis. These adorable prints will then become permanent visuals and your baby will remember them as they grow older. All the negative effects are difficult to reverse so it is important to make sure, your baby is exposed only to charming, sweet and educational stimulus.

Another good side of Atelier Choux prints, is that they can be your baby’s first contact with art. When you introduce our friendly characters, drawn by Mattias Adolfsson, to the little ones, you can be sure that you are encouraging appreciation towards art at an early age. You are feeding their creativity and imagination. Fostering that creativity will also help them develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Your baby will go through everything he/she saw during the day and will build a visual bank in their head. There is a huge impact on what you will show them during their early years. Happy images make happy babies.

As you may know, all of our prints are telling a story. From Paris to Tokyo, from robots to endearing animals, we tell different stories through our prints. As your child grows, he/she will start to understand the prints a little better. It is an eye-opening experience for them when they starts to notice all the smaller details they missed when they were younger. You can find all the adorable details together and you can explain what is actually happening in the print. This will also encourage their storytelling capabilities and boost their imagination.