Easter Eggs Atelier Choux Style

A fun and easy DIY project, perfect for at-home play and Easter! Temporary tattoos slide easily on eggs for a beautiful table setting or a simple lunch with kids.

Here we used a selection from our brand new gold foil pack featuring our signature hot air balloons, sweet treats, birds and flowers. A couple eggs are hard boiled for the kids to handle, while the majority are raw so no pressure to eat them all at once.


Cut out tattoos, the smaller ones adhere more easily to the shape of the egg.

Remove plastic backing and put face down on egg. Leave a little extra white space around one side of the tattoo where your thumb can anchor it in place, firmly on the egg. The paper tends to slip a little so once you anchor it in place – keep it exactly where it is with your thumb.

Wet back of tattoo with a very wet cloth and apply pressure with your finger all over the back of the tattoo. Before removing your finger, check to see if the tattoo has adhered, you will be able to see this through the paper. If not, press and apply more pressure. Handle carefully if using raw eggs. Slide the paper off – et voilà!