How to pronounce Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux

/a.tə.lje ʃu/

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have been pronouncing Atelier Choux correctly? Well, wonder no more, consider this post a complimentary French language lesson.

An “Atelier” (ah-tel-yay) is an artist’s workshop or studio. Think about a sun-drenched space with oversized windows overlooking the rooftops of Paris, with paint and parchment strewn about.

Chou (singular) or Choux (plural) is a French term to describe something cute. Don’t let the fancy spelling of this word intimidate you, the pronunciation is as simple as “shoe” or “shoo”!  

Chou also literally means chou pastry or a baby cabbage. 

You can practice using this word in the common expression “trop chou!”, which means “too cute!” The p is silent here, so the phonetic way to say it is “trow shoo!” 

There you have it, your first French lesson from our workshop of cuteness. Now you’re ready to master the French language, baguette and baby in hand! 

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