The enchanting carousels of Paris

Today, on the July 25th, we celebrate the national Carousel Day. The merry-go-rounds have been a recognizable amusement park ride since the early 1800’s.

Carousels have always been a way to bring the new technology to the masses. First, they ran on steam and then on electricity. Only on a carousel, the common people were able to ride the bicycle in 1848, drive a car in 1890 and fly an airplane in 1905.

Paris is the promised land of carousels. The city of lights has over 30 permanent carousels for kids to have fun with on a daily basis.

Enjoy the ride and discover the carousels of Paris

Manége 1913 – Located at Champs de Mars, the big greenery in front of the Eiffel Tower, this carousel is one of the oldest ones in Paris. It is similar to the Luxembourg manége which is a little older. Both of these carousels have a game feature –  jeu de bagues (ring game). This game is a version of the medieval tournament. This carousel has a manual mechanism which makes it environmentally friendly – The carousel is started by a man pushing it around and then continues to wind a lever that keeps the carousel running.

Photo credit – Manége1913Paris

Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel – There is another carousel next to the Eiffel Tower. Named after the tower itself, this carousel is the newest one in the city. The carousel is modern with its dual layer structure, Paris scene decorations and its innovative power usage – it uses twelve times less energy than most of the carousels in Paris. The horses are equipped with pedals so the riders can help to produce power. There are also pedals and bikes next to the carousel, so the viewers can help to create even more power. This carousel is also the only one in Paris that goes clockwise.

Dodo Manége – This carousel is located in the Jardin des Plantes and it fits well in the atmosphere. The jardin includes a Natural History Museum, a zoo and a greenhouse with exotic plants, and the carousel is decorated accordingly. On the Dodo Manége, children can ride extinct or endangered animals. You can find a dinosaur, a dodo and a horned turtle, alongside with a panda, an elephant and a gorilla. The carousel is decorated with a jungle paintings and scenes from the Jardin des Plantes.

Photo credit – Tripadvisor

Manége Garnier – Located in the Jardin du Luxembourg, this carousel is the oldest one in Paris, dating back to 1879, and it is designed by Charles Garnier, the architect of the Opera de Paris. As mentioned before, it is very similar to the Manége 1913. Garnier carousel is simple, yet beautiful – it has no lights, no music and no floor. This carousel also has the jeu de bagues (ring game) included.

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Carrousel de Saint-Pierre – This carousel is located by the Sacre Coeur and is featured in so many tourist photos. This traditional double-decker carousel is made by Italian and has a Venetian theme. Carrousel de Saint-Pierre is very picturesque and it plays charming music while it goes round and around.

Photo credit – Tripadvisor

Musée des Arts Forains – For those who really love carousels, there is a must-see museum to visit. The Musée des Arts Forains is a carnival themed museum that includes vintage carousels and other old amusement park elements.

Photo credit – Culturez-Vouz

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