The inspirational Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is close to Atelier Choux’s heart. It was the first “muse” of the brand and a lot of inspiration comes from there. The founders of Atelier Choux live close by the park and have always admired its beauty.

Parc Monceau is located in the 8ème arrondissement in Paris, between Arc de Triomphe and Saint-Lazare. The park was established in 1778 by Phillippe d’Orléans, a cousin of King Louis XVI. He wanted to turn the land into a public park and hired a painter Louis Carrogis Carmontelle to design the gardens.

The original plan was very different from what the Parc Monceau is nowadays. The design included a miniature Egyptian pyramid, a Roman colonnade, a Tatar tent, a farmhouse, a Dutch windmill, a temple of Mars, an Italian vineyard, and even some unusual animals, such as camels.

Carmontelle himself said: “It was not at all an English garden that was intended at Monceau, but precisely what the critics said; to put together into one garden all times and all places. It is simply a fantasy, to have an extraordinary garden, a pure amusement, and not at all the desire to mimic a nation which, when it makes a “natural” garden, uses a roller on all the greens and spoils nature.”

The park has been remodelled since, but still today, it is known for its beautiful architecture, gorgeous carousel, and for the fact that it was the site of the first-ever parachute jump from a hot air balloon in the 18th century.

The Hot Air Balloon Descent

In 1797, 22nd of October, André-Jacques Garnerin descended into Parc Monceau in a basket or “nacelle,” held by a silk, frame-less parachute, from a record-breaking altitude of 3,000 feet, after it was cut loose from a hot air balloon. The basket swung violently during the descent and it was scraped when it landed but Garnerin stepped out from the basket unharmed. It was the first parachute jump in history.

In the 1780s, hot air balloons became very much in fashion, decorating toys, jewelry, and furniture. It’s a motif that has become a signature for Atelier Choux.

Today, visitors can see the parachute plaque on the south side of the park to commemorate this event.

The Carousel

The Carousel in Parc Monceau, Manége du Parc, is one of the many permanent carousels scattered around Paris (Click here to read our previous blog post about the enchanting Carousels of Paris).

Carousels are an important part of Paris’ scenery and it is not a surprise that Atelier Choux has included a Carousel print in their collection. Colorful, whimsical carousel is one of the best sellers of the brand and can be found on various products, such as Carrés, bibs, wall art, and cushions.

The architecture

Parc Monceau and its surroundings are full of beautiful architectural pieces. One distinctive feature in the park is the columns bordering the lake, also known as La Naumachie.

Monceau Mansion next to the Parc inspired one of the first prints for the brand and reflects Atelier Choux’s love for Parisian architecture.

photo credit: résidences immobilier & Atelier Choux

Parc Monceau has been an inspiration to other artists as well. Painting by Claude Monet from 1876.

Le Parc Monceau, 1876 – Claude Monet

Parc Monceau is open everyday from 7h00 to 21h00.
Metro: Monceau, line 2

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