Mattias Adolfsson – The illustrator behind Atelier Choux aesthetic

Atelier Choux is privileged to work with this acclaimed Swedish illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson, who is recognized around the world for his whimsical landscapes, with more than 500,000 fans across social networks. From his studio in Sigtuna across from Lake Mälaren that borders Stockholm, Mattias fills the pages of his Moleskine journals with kind robots, gentle animals and elaborate architecture, often in pastels and always with a touch of humor and fantasy.

As design and illustration enthusiasts, the founders of Atelier Choux had been following Mattias’ work for many years. When it finally came time to decorate their own petite choux’s nursery, they dreamed of having Mattias’ prints on luxurious bedding and clothing. The Atelier Choux aesthetic was born, with the possibilities of a collaboration rendering them giddy with excitement, with visions of Mattias’ prints from floor to ceiling in their home.

Today, Atelier Choux’s products, signature packaging (designed in the style of a hôtel particulier) the logo and the website icons − are all illustrated by Mattias. Click here to see the process behind our Paris print and the detailed work Mattias Adolfsson goes through with sketching, drawing and coloring.

His book, the Second in Line, was awarded the Most beautiful Swedish book of the year in 2014. Mattias has worked with prestigious publications such as the New York Times, Wired and The New Yorker, along with Disney and Nickelodeon.

Click here to visit Mattias’ site and discover his books, collaborations and whimsical aesthetic. You may also follow him on Instagram.

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