Ways to cultivate your kids’ creativity

As a baby brand, we aspire not only to offer beautiful products to parents and babies, but also to foster creativity and be the baby’s early association with arts. In our designs, we want to inspire children with different colors, shapes, abstract, and even Trompe-l’œil. We believe it can cultivate children’s aesthetics at an early age. Children’s imagination is limitless. Encouraging and letting them be creative can only result in positive outcomes. By doing arts and crafts, they gradually develop socially and mentally. They learn how to express themselves freely, solve problems independently, and are not afraid of thinking outside of the box. So, what can we do as parents to inspire the little ones?

Photo by @dearest.kjaere

Give children fun art projects

With Halloween approaching, parents can come up with many arts and crafts projects for kids. Even though children may not go trick-or-treating this year, they certainly can create their costumes and feel spooky! Repurpose unwanted garments, bottles, or cardboards to make the one-of-a-kind costume. Parents can also encourage kids to handmake decorations for their rooms — a painting on the wall, an origami curtain, some collage arts, to name a few.

Encourage kids to express emotions through arts

Some children are naturally fond of drawing or doing crafts, but for others, creating arts may just not be their thing. Perhaps they have yet to be introduced to what is art, or they simply don’t see a reason to do it. Parents can pay attention to children when they seem sad or upset but have no words to express. Drawing can give them a voice to communicate thoughts and emotions without having to know the vocabulary. Little kids may not be aware of what they are doing when creating arts, but it surely reflects how they see the world and feel at the moment.

Give minimal guidance and enjoy the mess!

Most importantly, be prepared for the mess. We will never know what we will discover about the children if they cannot create freely. Parents can set up a specific space for kids to do arts, and let them play and experiment in their own way. Besides, guidance should be minimal. It’s up to the kids how they use colors and materials. Who says that the sky has to be blue? Let their creativity flow and be their unique selves! You will surely be surprised! 

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