Creative, fun things to do with kids while staying at home

We all have friends (or yourselves) who have been stuck at home with their young children since the pandemic strikes. The Covid-19 situation has been improving in some countries, yet going out with young kids can still be stressful and off-putting. If you wish to stay risk-free and need some ideas on fun activities to do with children at home, this is the best guide for you!

Photo by @dearest.kjaere

1. Dress up!
Fed up with wearing comfy pajamas all day because there is nowhere to go? Let’s dress up and stay at home with style! You and your kids don’t need a special occasion to look sharp, and trust us – it will instantly light up your typical stay-at-home rituals. Mix and match our selections of clothing and carrés, adorn the look with the gold-foil tattoo, and voila! 

Photo by @juliasalk

2. Indoor tea party
Why not throw a tea party while you are all glammed up? Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks, create a tablescape with our carrés and some flowers, and it is all set for a relaxing afternoon tea! 

3. Build a play tent
Whether you fancy a cozy movie night with your kids or simply look for some cocooning moments, building a play tent is never a wrong choice. There are plenty of videos teaching how to DIY a play tent. You can then decorate it with your kids’ favorite blankets and cushions. Let your children’s creativity flow and personalize their unique tents.

Discover our cushions here.

Photo by @lara_love_life

4. Decorate the kid’s bedroom
Decorating and rearranging the kid’s bedroom can be so much fun! Our wall stickers are removable without any trace, so you can rest assured and let the kids try. Check out our blog to see more bedroom decor inspiration from other Atelier Choux parents.

5. Activity booklet
Looking for something more educational? Try our downloadable activity booklet! Have fun with the coloring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots, and spot-the-difference games. It will surely stimulate little brains and adult ones alike! There are the first and second volumes.

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