Celebrating baby’s first Christmas!

Whether you are new or seasoned parents, the first Christmas of a newborn always feels extra special. Here are some tips and ideas to spend a wonderful Christmas holiday with your baby!

Keep things simple

It’s the first Christmas you spend with your baby, of course you want it to be perfect in every way. Baking and cooking from scratch for your loved ones, buying gifts, having a long list of things to prepare, etc. The odds are you will be much more occupied with the baby than you have expected. So instead of planning anything complicated, keep things simple by prioritizing the most meaningful tasks for you. Simplify the cooking preparation, and buy gifts in advance. The most important is for you and your family to enjoy quality time with your baby.

Pick a special outfit for your baby

It is the first time your baby is exposed to this magical time of the year. They may still be too young to care about what to wear, but they certainly will adore it when they grow up and look back to the pictures where they were wearing a cute outfit. Dress them up in a holiday-themed outfit and get your camera ready to capture the precious moments. Pick clothes that are both festive and comfortable. If you are more for the idea of having clothes that the baby can wear all year round, you can try working on small accessories, like bibs and hats, which will make the outfit equally Christmassy!

Photo by @juliasalk
Photo by @allthingvictoria

Create a wish list

Having a new addition to the family, you indeed get asked a lot of what gifts you would like, especially on the occasion of Christmas. To save you (and your friends and family) some time, try making a wish list online so preparing for gifts can be less hectic. There are different websites and apps to help you create a gift registry, which will bring various advantages. Firstly, you will no longer have to answer all the messages about what to get for your baby. Secondly, buying gifts for babies can be confusing, especially for people who don’t have experience in this field. Sharing your wish list may just make this process a little easier. Bonus point, you get exactly what you need/wish for!

Make a keepsake box

The first Christmas is unique not only to the baby but more to you as parents. Of course you would want to keep many things as a memory – pictures, baby’s first Christmas ornament and stocking, the outfit and bib of the Christmas day, etc. These things are a keepsake, and they should be cherished and kept well. Imagine the memories and joy this box will bring back every year when you open it and share it with your family!

Photo by @juliasalk
Photo by @juliasalk
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