Atelier Choux quality and savoir-faire – 100% organic cotton

Environmentally friendly, quality materials are in the core of Atelier Choux. For us it is very important that everything, from resourcing the raw materials to final packaging, is sustainable and thoughtful. We want our products to be safe for those use them but also for those who make them.

Made in France

We take great care in building our network of manufacturing partners who are as detailed oriented and sustainable as we are with our products. With all production in France, our processes are environmentally and socially conscious and conform to the highest European standards.

Our carrés are made in a family owned factory in France, one of the very few that has managed to remain competitive, due to its innovative approach and simultaneous respect for traditional techniques. Over 250 individuals are involved to some level in the production of Atelier Choux products, across fabric engineers, seamstresses and printing experts.

GOTS Certified Cotton

We start with organic cotton that is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in order to ensure a base that is free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton fiber is also thicker, feels softer and is hypo-allergenic compared to conventional cotton fibers. Organic cotton also consumes half the level of water during production. Organic cotton fibers are bleached with safe peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. They will have their natural resiliency which gives them a long lasting quality.

The GOTS cotton we use is certified by Eco-Cert, which ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing responsibly, both socially and environmentally. For us, this certification applies to the spinning operations, sizing, weaving, tailoring, bleaching, washing, scraping and drying.

Safe for babies and the mother nature

Further down the production chain, our fabrics are tested with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I method that certifies the absence of harmful substances. It is not only the lack of chemicals touching the skin that is an advantage – with organic cotton your baby won’t inhale any chemical residues while sleeping. As we want only the best for our children, it is better to know that the onesie we dress our petit choux in, will not be harmful to them in any way.

The inks we use are water-based and therefore are also safe for babies.

Our packaging is manufactured in France and it is designed to be saved. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Sustainability and well-being of the farmers

Not only is organic cotton good for your baby, but also better for the people who grow it. During the farming, the workers are not exposed to any harmful chemicals and don’t inhale any pesticides and insecticides. When the farmers can use organic seeds, instead of GMO, they are able to grow food alongside the cotton and are able to feed their families easier. In addition to farmers, also the factory workers enjoy better working conditions and fair working wages. There is also no forced or child labor under the GOTS standards.

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