Carré – Robots In Action


The robot talent show is around the corner, with individuals and teams preparing their acts. My interchangeable heads are sure to delight, says robot Ab, decked out in his tall boots for the occasion, while another demonstrates his ‘lightheadedness’ and ability to see from multiple perspectives. Other entrants showcase triangular legs and other fashions in footwear, while the latest generation, high powered vacuum cleaners are also on display. Droids n’ pets dot the scene with their squeaks, beeps and bleeps, in perfect harmony with creaks and clatter of robots in action!

The Perfect French Baby Gift

Our signature carrés are an everyday, elegant essential, at home in the nursery and out during the day in your diaper bag.

Our carrés can be used as a light blanket, as a photo background, as a tablecloth during playtime or mealtime or as a chic stroller accessory.

Use a carré to change a baby’s diaper on the go, for swaddling, to wipe baby’s face, as a tummy time blanket, to protect your shoulder when holding a small baby, or to create some shade or privacy while breastfeeding.

  • Size: 100 x 100 cm / 39″ x 39″
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, ideal for the sensitive skin of a newborn, a baby or a toddler
  • Illustrations by Mattias Adolfsson and inspired by French architectural heritage, with a pinch of humor
  • 100% Made in France
  • Care: Machine wash on a delicate cycle with whites. Tumble dry on a low or delicate setting. Ironing is possible at a low temperature.

The first carré purchased automatically comes in a complimentary gift box. After that, our team uses its discretion for additional boxes. If you need a certain number of boxes for gifting, please purchase additional boxes here.

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Monceau Mansion Gift Box

  • Atelier Choux’s Monceau Mansion Gift Box is illustrated inside and out and features a magnetic closure and woven carrying cord.
  • The illustrations are inspired by Haussmannian style architecture, particularly the stately mansions bordering Park Monceau in Paris.
  • Perfect for gifting a single carré (swaddle or light blanket), a carré with a matching bib, a selection of bibs, a onesie or pyjamas with a carré, etc.
  • Holds about 1 – 4 products.

Orders with multiple boxes may be subject to extra shipping fees.

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