Give your home a French fix with our gift boxes

All purchases of our carrés, cashmere blankets, and clothing come with our wow-worthy gift boxes. They are an important factor that defines and differentiates Atelier Choux from many others. You may already have a stack of both the house and square boxes at home, and if you ever wonder how to best use them – this is the right article for you. We have gathered some inspirations from our Atelier Choux community on Instagram. If you have other creative ideas to use the gift boxes, tag and share with us!

Home/Nursery decor

Our customers love to use our gift boxes to style their homes. Our illustrations are meant to please children and adults alike, so you may be surprised how the gift boxes can match not only the kid’s room but also the living home!

Photo by @mybohochildhood
Photo by @dearest.kjaere

A dollhouse for kids to play with

Both of our house boxes are perfect for kids to play like a dollhouse. The rigid version is illustrated inside and outside, while the original version has three “windows” that can be opened. The house design is inspired by the Hotel Particulier in Paris, and even the “roof” follows exactly the style of the renowned zinc roofs of Parisian architecture.

Photo by @juliasalk
Photo by @yoraphotography
Photo by @laurenhadalittlelamb

Use it as a baby keepsake box

Whether it is meant for a gift or for yourself, a keepsake box is perfect to keep all the treasures, pictures, and meaningful items for your baby. Imagine when your baby grows up, and revisit the box with the family to enjoy what is inside. How magical!

Create an accent table

That’s correct, we also love to stack up the boxes to create a little accent table! It’s a cute and simple way to balance the blank space in your living room, and turn it into an extra table to hold your breakfast/coffee or even a decorative item.

Storage for the wardrobe/playroom

The square rigid boxes will help sort little things like magic! You can use it for your baby’s wardrobe, to organize socks and bibs, for example. The boxes are also helpful in the children’s playroom, storing their arts and crafts, or use them as pencil and crayon boxes. A tip: The silk cord of the square boxes can be facing you, so when the boxes are neatly stacked in the wardrobe, you can simply pull the cord out to easily and quickly get the box you need.

Share the love and regift!

Last but not least, sharing is caring! Our gift boxes are made to impress and ready for gifting, so of course, you can package gifts for your loved ones in them.

Photo by @juliasalk
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