Our eco-certified factory in France created our organic cotton blend especially and exclusively for Atelier Choux, in order to create an ultra-soft, breathable and absorbable fabric that also serves as a backdrop to showcase our prints. A touch for elegance for everyday living as a parent.

Atelier Choux carrés are made from certified GOTS organic cotton in order to ensure a product entirely free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton fiber is also thicker, feels softer and is hypo-allergenic compared to conventional cotton fibers. During manufacturing the thickness of the individual threads are optimized per Atelier Choux’s specifications to ensure both the softness and longevity.

Once the organic cotton is woven comes the final construction of our carrés, with two layers of the same fabric woven together to form one. The fabric is then tested in accordance with the standards required by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, specific to baby products, which certifies the absence of toxic or harmful substances.

Printing is the final step, at a nearby facility specialized in ecological methods. Our water based, baby-safe inks are applied to our double layer fabric and are ‘lock-in’ during an air-drying process,. While we constantly emphasize the gentle and water based nature of these inks, there is no concern that prints will significantly lighten or disappear over time with regular washing.

The result is an ultra-soft, gentle, absorbent everyday essential that wears well – in accordance with our ambition to meld art, artisanship and everyday elegance.


As parents of our own petits choux, we are extra attentive to creating a healthy product for several key reasons:

  • A baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than adult’s skin, and is therefore much more absorbent. This is a clear reason to start with a pure, organic cotton canvas for all our products, one that has never been in contact with pesticides or harmful chemicals.
  • The chemicals generally used in fabric manufacturing (from bleaching to dyeing and finishing, etc.) are housed in the heart of the fabric’s fiber but are never mentioned on the labels. In addition, regulations and controls regarding these chemicals can vary greatly depending on their country of production. As such, Atelier Choux works directly with its France-based factories who work in accordance with the highest European standards and offer an unmatched level of transparency. This ensures that our petit-choux and yours alike are perfectly safe and comfortable on and in our products.