Corporate Gifts | Luxury personalized baby gift

Atelier Choux offers easy, custom solutions for companies looking to offer their employees or clients a unique, thoughtful gift to celebrate a new birth. Please contact us for quantity discounts and packaging customization options. Atelier Choux’s hotel particulier makes the perfect, hassle-free gift for the following reasons:
  1. Our elegant, gift-ready packaging includes 3 organic cotton carrés, made from an ultra-soft, breathable and absorbent weave. Our carrés are simply an indispensable essential for all new and seasoned parents, adding a bit of art and aesthetics to the daily balancing act of being a parent. Our carrés can be used as a light blanket, to change a baby’s diaper on the go, to create some shade or privacy, for swaddling, to wipe baby’s face, as a tummy time blanket, to protect your shoulder when holding a very young petit choux, and more. Our prints are gender neutral, collectible and inspire storytelling with your child as they grow.
  2. Regarding quality, sustainability and accountability, our carrés are made in France from start to finish by a small, family owned factory. GOTS certification ensures not only a cotton base that has never been in contact with pesticides, but also working standards that are in accordance with the highest criteria – in our case those of the European Union.
  3. We include the option for a gratuitous, personalized, handwritten card with every order. Or at a loss for the right, delicate text? Let us handle it.
  4. Fast, reliable delivery worldwide, including next day delivery options. We are also working on offering same day delivery options by scooter, currently in the Paris region.
  5. A quick, seamless way to create a customized box on our website in just 5 clicks.
  6. We are happy to respond to all your questions by email at [email protected].


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