Planning a party with Atelier Choux!

Atelier Choux’s whimsical yet sophisticated prints give a variety of events a special flair. When we founded the brand in 2016, focused on nursery products and baby accessories, we could never have imagined the interest from our community in Atelier Choux and French themed parties for kids. Our artwork is copyrightedAtelier Choux and the artworks […]

Ferris Wheel – About our latest Atelier Choux print

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest print, Ferris wheel. This new print celebrates the history of the Ferris wheel with of course the added Atelier Choux touch. With Atelier Choux’s aesthetics being deeply embedded in architecture, landmarks, and whimsical details, the Ferris Wheel was a natural addition to our prints. Our […]

How to pronounce Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux /a.tə.lje ʃu/ Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have been pronouncing Atelier Choux correctly? Well, wonder no more, consider this post a complimentary French language lesson. An “Atelier” (ah-tel-yay) is an artist’s workshop or studio. Think about a sun-drenched space with oversized windows overlooking the rooftops of Paris, with paint and parchment strewn […]

Snoozing in Paris

We are so grateful to be parents during such an innovation filled moment in parenting. The SNOO bassinet has completely differentiated our experience this time vs. when we rocked, swayed and danced our first and second babies around in our arms for hours at a time with a prayer for sleep! In the first several […]

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