Monceau Mansion Art Print – Landscape

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Next to Park Monceau, a picturesque mansion attracts all kinds of visitors. Madame bluebird has fashioned a nest on top of the building after carefully considering the prettiest place to call home. A handsome peacock and an antelope are having an enthusiastic conversation about their day, while a couple of smaller birds are eavesdropping from the next window. A chatty giraffe is eagerly attempting to befriend a cool cat sunning herself on the window sill. A family of geese gathers at the front door, a little nervous, unsure whether they can enter. A young elephant celebrates the friendship of all the inhabitants with a simple blue balloon. Welcome to the Monceau Mansion.


Perfect for a nursery, kid’s bedroom or even in your living room.

Fine art printed with archival inks with a matte finish. All prints are unframed.
Available in 2 sizes (rounded in cm)
– 18 x 12 inches (46 x 31 cm)
– 36 x 24 inches (92 x 61 cm)
Our art prints are packaged in a tube. We recommend professional framing when possible.

Please note, that the art prints are created on demand. The art prints are non-refundable.

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Monceau Mansion Art Print – Landscape