4 ways to decorate your nursery’s walls!

Expecting a new arrival to the family is indeed very exciting. Parents get to build the dream room that both the baby and themselves will spend a lot of time in. Although, it is not always easy to figure out the theme and style of the baby room you want. Some may even find it overwhelming to choose from all the decor trends. You may have got the furniture but are missing some decorative pieces in the room. Things can get hectic when preparing the nursery. That is why we gathered some easy and creative ideas for you to decorate the walls in the baby’s room, which will instantly and effortlessly make the room stylish and original!

Art prints to frame

If you are looking for a classic yet decorative piece for the baby’s room, art prints can be a good place to start. Choose a print you like and a frame that complements the overall style of the room. It is neat and easy.

Photo by @merrittandstyle

Carrés on the wall

Whether it is brand new or old and memorable to you, a carré gives your blank wall a magical transformation. To frame or not to frame, there really are no rules. You can also try grouping two or even three carrés on the wall to make a statement and inject personality into your nursery or playroom.

Photo by @mandoooo_sy
Photo by @nicolabathiemclaughlin

Add a textile statement piece

One of the best ways to fill a blank wall with style is to have a statement art piece. This customer hangs her reversible quilt on a massive white wall, which balances out the space. Textile wall art adds warmth and a personal touch, and it certainly gives a wow-factor to the interior.

Photo by @mashasosyan

More is more wall stickers

If you prefer more of a maximalist style, a curated set of wall stickers may be what you need. The advantage of these stickers is that you can have them anywhere, and create a decor customized to the room. You can be as imaginative as possible, with these stickers alone or on top of the wallpaper, to uncover the unlimited potential for storytelling.

Photo by @violetta_tkach
Photo by @juliasalk