Time to organize a baby shower – tips and ideas!

The new arrival is on its way and it is time to celebrate with a baby shower! A baby shower party will make the new mom feel less stressed knowing that her family and friends are there for her – and the gifts are always a great bonus!

But how to make the day fun and special not only for the mommy-to-be but for the guests as well? See below our list of ideas how to make the most out of a baby shower!

Get to know the other guests

This activity is quite common but it is fun and a great way to brake the ice between the guests who might not know each other very well. When you invite the guests to the baby shower, ask them to bring their own baby photo with them. Then everyone needs to guess who is who. It is interesting to see how similar or different people look as an adult compared to their baby photos.

Diaper Messages

To keep the party going and the guests active, Diaper Messages is the way to go. This activity is very beneficial for the mother when the baby arrives. Set up a table with blank diapers and some markers. The guests can write notes, messages, poems, jokes or anything else for the mother to read at nights when changing the diapers during the wee hours. Make sure to write something funny so the parents can have a laugh!

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

One activity in a baby shower is the gender reveal. Some parents prefer keeping the sex of the baby as a surprise, but some parents want to know. A baby shower party is a perfect place to reveal the gender to your family and friends. A delicious way to do it, is to bake the cupcakes and hide the a specific color inside the dessert.

Guess the Birthday

The Due date is usually not the birthday of the baby – the actual birthday is only a guess. During the baby shower party, you can ask guests to guess the birthday of the baby and it is fun to see later who guessed the closest.

Nursery art

As a new mother, you will most likely receive tons of cards congratulating you about the new little bundle of joy. Of course, you don’t want to throw these cards away but let’s face it – how many times will you actually read the cards again? These cards are a part of a precious moment, so there has to be a way to preserve them in a way that they won’t be forgotten somewhere. The solution is simple – you can create a special nursery wall art out of the baby shower cards.  This way you and your children can always keep the memories close to you.

Gift Bingo

When the mommy-to-be is opening the gifts, it can be sometimes a little awkward as all the guests are just staring at her. Baby Shower Gift Bingo is a great way to keep guest entertained and engaged while the mother opens her presents.

Baby Shower Gifts

Gifting a new mother can be difficult, especially if you don’t have kids of your own. As some parents are keeping the gender as a surprise, giving a gift can be even more difficult – what to give to a baby if you don’t if it is a boy or a girl? Atelier Choux’s gender neutral prints and beautiful, yet functional baby gifts make a perfect present. When you give the luxurious Atelier Choux gift box with gorgeous baby essentials inside to the new mother, you know that she will be happy and that the gift is going to be used and appreciated.


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